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Golf N' Stuff Unveils "Gay Zoltar" In Suspected Cash Grab For Pride Month

Golf N' Stuff, Tucson, Gay Zoltar, Pride Month

TUCSON- Golf N' Stuff, the long-standing, iconic miniature golf and arcade staple has introduced an updated "Gay" version of Zoltar, the fortune card dispensing, animatronic mystic for the month of June aka "Pride Month". The Tucson Times went to Golf N' Stuff to find out more.

We spoke to an assistant manager (who wished to remain anonymous) about this update and if they could comment further on how this may be problematic to long-time Zoltar fans and those who may see it as a quick 'cash-grab'.

"Here at Golf N' Stuff, we are welcoming and friendly to all no matter who they are, where they come from, what they believe in and what lifestyle they choose. We rarely come across anyone who dislikes miniature golf and retro arcade games so our main goal is to just spread fun and positivity. Zoltar coming 'out of the closet' while still in his box this month had such an emotional and positive impact on much of the local community here and we're very proud of Zoltar for being brave enough to be true to himself."

We inquired into how Zoltar came out as gay. "Okay, now this is pretty much hearsay at this point, but apparently while we were closing down last week, an employee was sweeping next to Zoltar and suddenly the box lit up and loudly dispensed a card. When the employee went to look at the card it just said "I'm Gay" and the employee let everyone know and then everyone clapped. That very night, we added the "Is Gay" to his marquee because we want him to live his life proudly and loudly. It being Pride Month might have played a factor in his announcement, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is Zoltar is gay now. And we're here for it in full support."

We asked if there has been any other updates to his mechanical showmanship or if the fortune cards have any new modifications. "Zoltar is exactly the same he has always been. Just gay now. This absolutely has nothing to do with saving costs or avoiding have to update the firmware and order updated fortune cards and we really think you should come and see him and give him some tokens to show your support. If you don't, then you probably have some inner work to do. Also check out our website for summer all-park pass deals."

The Tucson Times News will keep you up to date with any more Gay Zoltar news shall it arise.


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