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Tucson Ghosts Are Beginning To Ask For Tips

Tucson Ghosts

TUCSON- With "Spooky Season" right around the corner, locals have already been getting a head start on visiting Tucson's best haunted hotspots this year. However, many are reporting a shift in the experience that was never imaginable until now. Ghosts have been reportedly asking for 'tips' in the same style a barista would at any coffee shop in town. This has left many not only perplexed but also disappointed.

Bob Gonzales has been living in Tucson his entire life and is an avid 'ghost hunter'. We asked the 54-year-old his thoughts on the matter since he was the first of many to come to us with this update.

"You know, I'm a little saddened to see that the economy is not only affecting us, but other planes of existence as well. Since they were little, I used to keep my kids in line with the story of La Llorona and, being in Tucson, I've taken them to all of the major haunt spots like the Modern Languages Auditorium at U of A where the 'young woman' is said to appear, Cat Mountain to try to find the El Tejano Cave, the Haunted Antique Mall on 22nd, The Tia Elena Restaurant, The Fox Theater, the now gone Santa Rita Hotel and of course Hotel Congress. Even drove them out to Jerome for the Grand Hotel. We all have stories that will send chills up your spine. We've all seen quick apparitions, heard disembodied voices or have noticed faucets turn on by themselves or doors open and slam close.

It all started when I had a ghost experience at a house on Simpson Street in Barrio Viejo many, many years ago and since then I have been fascinated with the paranormal. Unfortunately, a week ago I was at another hotspot house in Barrio Libre on Stone Avenue and this is the first time I've seen an apparition raise up a tipping menu after an initial scare. I looked to my left when the ghost pointed its long, bony, glowing white arm at the wall where I saw crude scribblings that read "It's going to ask you a couple of questions". I didn't want to make it feel ashamed, so I left a 25% tip but I honestly didn't feel as satisfied with the overall experience as I had in the past. I guess the economy is that bad now. It sort of ruined the moment and I don't know if I'll be returning to any haunted spots for a while least until the economy improves. I think it's even more frightening to imagine that after death, we probably still have to report to the IRS. Sad, really."

The Tucson Times News will continue collecting reports and update you as they increase into October.


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