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Tucson Man Denied Entrance Into Every NYC Bar Because ID Expires In 2063

NEW YORK- 25 year old Tucson native, Jacob Howell, was excited to visit New York City for the first time ever…until he realized he was getting denied entrance into every single bar in Manhattan.

“I thought they were kidding at first,” Jacob recalls. “I was going to meet some friends at the Dead Rabbit but the bouncer just paused and looked back and forth at me and my Arizona ID and told me ‘okay, buddy, nice try.’

I asked what he meant and he said something like ‘if you’re going to buy a fake, make sure it doesn’t expire next century’ and then he started laughing. He even tugged my beard like it was a fake Santa Claus beard or something which I thought was really inappropriate.

We asked him if he had a chance to explain that Arizona has one of the longest initial renewal periods in the country.

“I tried but he just told me that my voice sounded whiney and feminine and that I'm lucky he even gave it back to me. I texted my friends inside but they never responded. I tried a couple more bars but every bouncer essentially denied me or threatened light assault for the same reason, so I just ended up grabbing a slice and sharing a 40oz with a guy dressed as Big Bird in Central Park.”


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