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A Little Too Excited For Season: Wildcats Football Fan Actually Tries To Takes Bear Down

Wildcats Tucson Fan Tries To Take Bear Down
Tucson UofA Wildcats Fan Actually Tries To Take Bear Down

TUCSON- Brian Murry, a local bartender, was last reported seen by hikers 3 days ago on the Mt. Lemmon Peppersauce Canyon Trail after a missing persons alert went out in the area. We spoke on the phone to his girlfriend, Christina, about why he decided to venture out.

"I'm at a loss for words. Brian has been waking up and listening to ESPN Tucson radio in anticipation for the Wildcats football season opener as he does every year. But on Tuesday, he didn't go to bed the night before and started binge drinking hard seltzers at 6am and I could hear him yelling "WOOOO!" and saying "Nofoagatoto’a" over and over from his room. His favorite sports commentator, Justin Spears, was on high volume and I heard him saying something like "the Wildcats taking down everyone in their final season in the Pac-12 and earning Jedd Fisch a statue next to John Button Salmon. Fisch and Salmon? Talk about a bear who’s down…” And that's when I came into the room to see if Brian was okay. He just looked at me with bloodshot eyes and started chanting "BEAR DOWN! BEAR DOWN! BEAR DOWN!" and got up, kissed me on the forehead and swung the front door open and just started running down the street shouting 'WOOOO!'"

We asked her if he's made any attempts to contact her. "He texted me a couple of days ago and it just read "BEAR DOWN!"

"I asked him where he was and he just messaged me a photo of what looked like the mountains. I assumed Mt. Lemmon since we're not too far. I don't know if he walked or Uber'd or what. He's a strong guy and can take care of himself, but I'm very worried. He just needs to come home. He knows he'll miss kickoff if he doesn't so I have faith."

Other unconfirmed reported sightings include seeing Brian harass and trying to 'high-five' numerous black bears that populate the Mt. Lemmon area. If you have any other information about Brian's whereabouts, please contact us because we want to interview him and potentially get him on Justin's radio show.


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