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The Hut Replaces Iconic Tiki Head With Travis Kelce In Attempt To Lure Taylor Swift To Tucson

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift The Hut Statue Tucson

TUCSON- For the past few days, The Hut, an iconic 4th Avenue hotspot known for its beer garden and live music, has been under lightning-speed renovations in a no-holds-barred attempt at getting Taylor Swift's attention. "It struck us as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," says Marcus L. (a private partner). "Once we saw Rio De Janeiro's Christ statue adorned with a projected Swiftie T-shirt welcoming the world famous artist, we knew we had to match the hype. It was game-time."

The Tucson Times News had to immediately give due credit to the speed in which they re-imagined the famous Moai Tiki head that is, essentially, the front-facing branding.

"Yes, we have outstanding contractors and even though we had to deal with 'certain' city building regulations, there's nothing that money, loopholes and blackmail can't take care of. We knew it was a pretty hefty decision process to do away with the Moai Tiki aesthetic steeped in deep, cultural lore in favor of the famed Kansas City Chiefs' Tight End. To be honest, it came down to "hey, this is who the most famous person in the world is dating right now and if she was dating a Polynesian athlete, we would have been happy to let it be. But that's not how life works. For now, we're banking on a performance from Taylor Swift here at The Hut or, at the very least, a satisfied tweet--er excuse me-- an"

The Hut has issued no statement in regards to whether or not they will return to their original Moai Tiki head or keep a giant Travis Kelce head. In addition, they are attempting to require all artists booked at the venue in December to only do Taylor Swift covers. The Tucson Times News will stay current with this topic and update our readers shall anything change.


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