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Cobra Arcade Begins Using Actual Cobras To Help Security Close On Weekends

Cobra Arcade Tucson using actual cobras
Cobra Arcade Tucson Using Actual Cobras

TUCSON, AZ - Cobra Arcade is a downtown party staple on the weekends and they are no strangers to the struggles of closing the bar in a timely manner due to inebriated patrons taking their time.

With their recent close-out for renovation, we decided to talk to the Cobra Arcade staff about any other new updates they want to excite our locals with.

"So yeah, we spoke to management about wanting to be more efficient in our closing rounds. Often we're faced with unruly crowds, overzealous post-2 am bathroom users and indifferent NPCs when the lights come up," said a member of the security staff (who wished to remain anonymous).

"Owners were already looking to increase brand awareness especially after our recent hiatus and wanted to try something new. They asked us if we had any thoughts and I jokingly said 'why don't we use real cobras to help us close out?' thinking I was gonna get a small laugh. To my incredible surprise, they were actually totally on board with the idea! Within two weeks we had cages of Cambodian monocled cobras, lavendar false water cobras, Egyptian cobras, King Cobras and many more ready for us to unleash at closing time. Security went through a half-hour PowerPoint presentation on handling, feeding and safety precautions and next thing you know, we're all getting home an hour earlier than usual!"

We asked management about the legalities and having proper anti-venom on hand but they declined to comment.

Cobra Arcade is now open and located at 63 E Congress St.

The Tucson Times News will follow up with them again soon and keep our readers updated on new developments.


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