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Eegee’s Unveils New Flavor Of The Month: “RECESSION OBSESSION”

Eegees Flavor of the Month Recession Obsession

TUCSON, AZ- Eegee’s, the Tucson staple submarine sandwich and frozen drink establishment unveils the new Flavor of the Month: “Recession Obsession”! The ketchup-flavored concoction also includes bite-sized chunks of stale bread and slices of Oscar Mayer bologna deli lunch meat mixed in for an array of familiar and versatile flavors!

A spokesperson for the company explains the unique choice for this month:

“Eegee’s is very proud to present and delight our loyal customers with the brand new flavor, ‘Recession Obsession’! We have always tried our best to keep up with the times and cultivate tastes that resonate with our customer base. With the ongoing economic turmoil and a seemingly dystopian nightmare coming true every day before our very eyes, we thought we would tantalize Tucson with something that reflects a fine, impoverished palate. We tested an audience with ‘Prepper’s Paradise’ and ‘Blackout Blackberry’ but we found the true winner to be this month’s feature. Come and give it a try!”


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