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McDonald's T-Rex Has Had Enough of This Tucson Heat Wave and Goes on Rampage

Tucson McDonald's T-Rex
McDonald's T-Rex Goes on Heat Wave Rampage in Tucson

TUCSON- TERROR ON TANQUE VERDE RD! On Friday afternoon, the famous T-Rex that has been a Tucson staple at the McDonald's 6651 E Tanque Verde Rd location was no longer able to hold its still frame with the record-breaking 110 degree Summer heat wave streak Tucson has been enduring in 2023. The T-Rex has stayed still since the mid-90s and residents became horrified when it decided to break character and go on a destructive rampage through Tucson's East Side. Police immediately sent out SMS alerts and broadcast updates warning residents to stay inside and if they encountered it to "stand completely still because its vision is movement based".

There are still reports pouring in with spottings reaching all the way up near Sabino Canyon. Experts believe it is looking for a higher elevation with a cooler climate. Reid Park Zoo has also reached out with potential plans to construct an exhibit if captured alive. Your Mom's Exhibit takes up the most square footage in the Zoo, so they made need to make extreme compromises and strategize food allocations if their plan goes through (article related:

The Tucson Times News will update you as this story progresses.


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