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Tucson Goth Misses the Monsoon Season

Tucson Goth Girl Misses Monsoon Season

TUCSON, AZ - Even when the Summer clouds are imminent, one local resident is feeling particularly despondent. Meet Seraphine, a self-described "goth girl" who has lived in Tucson for the past decade.

For Seraphine, the monsoon season is the highlight of the year. "I live for the thunderstorms," she says, broodingly.

"The crashing thunder, the lightning bolts illuminating the night sky, the rain pelting against my window panes... it's just so moody and atmospheric."

So far this year, there have been a few dreary weeks but more than plenty of days with nary a storm cloud in sight. And for Seraphine, this is a major blow.

"I've been walking around in a fog of melancholy," she admits. "I've been wearing all black, but it's just not the same without the rain to match my mood. The tanned girls with booty shorts around the UofA do not help the cause."

Seraphine has tried to make the best of the situation. She's been listening to the Mysteriously Brooding Mood station on Spotify, reading gothic novels, randomly howling at saguaro cacti while driving by in her Prius, rolling her eyes at happy people on 4th Ave. and even taking walks during the hottest part of the day in hopes of feeling at least a little bit more miserable. But nothing seems to be working.

"It's like a part of me is missing," she says. "I feel like I'm stuck in this endless summer, and it's just too bright and sunny and happy. It's driving me insane," she proclaims as she bites into a Sonoran hotdog in front of a downtown food truck.

Some of Seraphine's blogger friends have suggested that she move to a more rain-prone city, such as Seattle or Portland. But for her, it's not just about the rain. "Tucson is my home," she says. "I couldn't leave it. I just have to wait for the monsoon season to arrive so I can be my dark self again. Until then, I’ll keep dying my tortillas black while listening to Bauhaus."


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