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Tucson Radio DJ Frustrated That Summer UFO Tour Includes Phoenix But Not Tucson

Tucson Radio DJ Frustrated With Phoenix UFO Tour
Tucson Radio DJ Frustrated With Phoenix Touring UFO

TUCSON- There has been a growing dissatisfaction from locals about Tucson's post-pandemic entertainment roster due largely in fact to consumer markets and corporate profit models in favor of larger metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas. As unconventional as it might seem, the recent sightings of UFOs (or UAPs) have been largely favoring more populated consumer witness markets whereas, in the pre-pandemic world, Tucson was a noticeable favorite for extra-terrestrial activity because of the leverage available to explore smaller, yet fanatical fanbases. Rural areas and smaller cities used to be the primary operating areas, but times have changed.

We had a call with local radio phenomenon, Beef Vegan of Rock 102.1 KFMA, to get to the bottom of why this is happening so rapidly.

"Pre-pandemic, we would have UFOs tour through here all the time, man. It's sort of tragic to see. We get it, everything is shifting and getting tighter, but you gotta give us something: A crop circle or a laser beamed cactus. Flying over Hotel Congress at 2:30 am while everyone is hammered. How about just one abduction incident of butt-stuff every season. Is that too much to ask?"

On his morning podcast, he recently spoke with Xentlaar-Berlmeak, a regional galactic ambassador about why the 2024 UFO tour is skipping Tucson and doing a whole weekend showcase in Phoenix this Summer instead.

"I was happy Xentlaar agreed to come on the show, but I had to be blunt with him. When he was just getting his bearings in 2017, I saw him struggle with quantum propulsion dynamics and I encouraged him to keep trying. I gave him pointers on how to cultivate his own style and charm a crowd. With my old show, Schmonty and I even had him on to talk about whether or not he was going to make an appearance at Fall Ball. His UFO was in stealth mode the whole time, but he showed up at least. But now that he's been at it for a while and the whole UFO thing is big again, he seems like he's forgetting his roots. I've seen it before, but it doesn't make it suck less. But that's showbiz, yo."

We asked him what Tucson fans can do to see a return of the UFO tour next year. "Tucson's a walk-up town whenever there's a show in town. It's just how it is for now. The hype shows up at the very last minute. I love this city and want to see it get the big names but we all have to do our part. Buy their merch online and tag them with love from Tucson. When there's a UFO watchgroup RSVP/ticket release, buy them ahead of time. Don't wait until the last minute. Their managers notice that sh--. Other cities have rabid fans that do all of that. Then, I don't know… Start sending telepathic wishes or play on those weird metal hippie drum things you see at the gem show. Get creative, but just be proactive. We can do it.”

The Great Western UAP Tour is happening until Sept 22nd in the greater Phoenix area and tickets can be found on Ticketmaster or in REM deep sleep. You can listen to Beef Vegan Presents on Rock 102.1 KFMA Monday through Friday from 6-10 am.


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